How Vatmonie Works

Why we are unique

Vatmonie is aimed at adding value to individuals financially through our modified earning structure, an easy means of income for everybody regardless of race, tribe, age etc. We are able to make this happen by Hosting Ads, Blogging and through our Marketplace.

We creates a reliable way to empower our users financially. Our system is accessible by all internet users to earn from. Below are detailed info about earning on Vatmonie.

➡️Daily login

➡️Shared Sponsored post

➡️Commenting on post

➡️Viewing of post .

You earn (200vep) for daily login on Vatmonie, (50vep) for sharing of our sponsored post,!(20vep) for commenting on our posts and (10vep) for viewing of our post as a member. You get to withdraw your VEP EARNINGS on the 10th and 30th of Every month with a minimum of 12,000VEP.

Note: they is no limit to what you can earn.


➡️As a member of Vatmonie, you can sell on Vatmonie's Marketplace. This feature is available for Wholesalers, retailers, dropshippers and anyone who has a product he/she wishes to put for sell online. Our Platform supports Both Digital and Physical Products.

➡️You get more prospect to see and order for your products due to the traffics we have.That isn't all.

➡️You get compensated frequently for using our Marketplace as well.

➡️NOTE: Anybody can buy from Vatmonie's Marketplace. But to be eligible to sell on Vatmonie, you must be a registered member.

➡️Can you see how Lucrative and profitable VATMONIE is?


By telling your friends, family members, relatives/Getting new users for our website, you get a whopping sum of NGN1,700 as commission per individual. This earning model is limitless. With a minimum of N3,400, you can withdraw your affiliate earning; meaning, if you refer two persons you can withdraw. Withdrawal for Affiliate Earning is weekly (Mondays and Fridays)

NOTE:Referring is 100% optional, you still get paid your earning even without referring anyone.


You You get compensated with different prices for engaging in a contest on our website and movement on the massive growth of our platform.